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$ 4,000.00

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Selling an antique, gently used Professional Tournament size 1976 Brunswick Home Billiards Table.
Decorator styling enhances this ruggedly built, professional tournament size table. Burn, stain, & scratch resistent CONOLITE covered rails, black padded vinyl panels, pearlized inlaid sights. Built-in score counters.

Three-piece, 1-inch slate is matched, registered, and doweled for a permanent level playing surface. BRUNSWICK® SUPER SPEED® cushions, the standard of the industry, provide maximum accuracy and true rebound. Professional PRO-LINE wool/nylon cloth assures long life, resists wear and tear.

Automatic returns, Ball Storage, quality vinyl panels, solid hardwood legs for maximum strength. Wood kin-dried to resist warping.

Box beam base frame extends to the extremities of the slate and beneath the rail for maximum support. Extra strength provided by cross support beams at slate joints.

BRUNSWICK made SUPER SPEED® cushions providing maximum accuracy, true rebound and consistent play.

Burn, stain, and scratch resistant CONOLITE® covered rails. Specially designed adjustable nut plate allows rails to be precisely positioned and pulled down permanently to the slate.

Pearlized inlaid sights with maximum tolerance of 30/1000 or an inch for consistent play.

Slate: Three-piece, matched registered & doweled 1-inch full sized slate provides a permanent level playing surface. Slate extends underneath rails for consistent play. Slate is precision-machined level to 10/10

All pocket webs (pocket model) are 100% leather full regulation size. Pocket openings made to BCA specifications. Available with sound deadening, vinyl coated steel automatic ball return system.

Professional PRO-LINE wool/nylon cloth assures long-life, resists wear and tear.

Knee Braces: Solid hardwood for maximum support.

Built-in professional-style score counters.

Machine nuts and bolts are used for maximum stability.

Buyer pays for disassembly, move, & reassembly
Price negotiable